Program Outcomes

Dorothy Dennis-Hildreth​​
Elementary Teacher
Dade County Inner-City Public Schools
Marjorie Dennis-
Community Leader 
        Apostle Natalie          Lowder-Clarke
Pastor / Principal
Private Christian School
After working for many years in an informal science education classroom, our CEO noticed many programs lacked African American participation. She took action by designing a program, and attaining funding exclusively to inspire minority girls towards the sciences entitled: Girls Exploring Engineering (GEE). Sponsored by Girls RISEnet (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering Museum Network), she partnered with local youth organizations and facilitated a one-time engineering program that hosted 100 low-income middle and high school girls. 

Pre-program surveys and discussions revealed 80% of the girls were exposed to very few hands-on STEM experiences in school and found science “boring”, “too hard”, and/or “for boys”. Post-evaluations revealed that with the help of female professional and peer STEM mentors, the girls’ perception of women in science had changed and they’d acquired a new, empowered outlook on STEM topics. 90% of the girls were able to use their creativity and resourcefulness to build complicated circuitry projects, with little to no assistance. A year later a follow-up survey revealed a high school participant was accepted at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) to pursue a degree in engineering. The student explained the GEE workshop increased her confidence in her abilities and directly influenced this decision.  

As a result of this vision, the project’s success soared well beyond the pilot stage and the Dennis Project was born! It's developed into a multiple level outreach program, and has served over 4,000 students and families since it's inception.

Our Legacy

​Students Gain:

  • Positive “can do” attitude toward overall academic success
  • Improved attitudes toward STEM fields and careers
  • Increased awareness and access of minorities and women underrepresented in STEM 
  • Improved 21st Century skills: critical thinking,  problem solving, creativity, & leadership 

​The Dennis Project, Inc. was founded in 2012 in celebration of the Dennis Family. As teachers, community leaders and positive role models our legacy of  women have influenced others to uplift their community by becoming a positive change. Although faced with many  adversities these phenomenal women have held true to their faith, family tradition, love of education and willingness to help others. Their roots are  established in the inner city community, where they have made an incredible impact. 

Tanzanier S. Wilson

MS STEM Teacher


Gloria Dennis-McQueen
Community Leader 
David L. Davis
Game Changers YAC Program Manager 

Learn more about our Founder & CEO, Auntaria (Mrs. A) Johnson

About Us

Ivory L. Johnson, Jr.
Fatherhood Program Dir. Chef / Business Owner 

Our Legacy

Amelia Dennis-Bradley
Elementary Teacher

Dade County Inner-City Public Schools

Ivory Denice Johnson 
Game Changers YAC Admin. Assistant 

Our education programs:

  • Create hands-on & engaging experiences that ignite academic excellence in fields that may seem "out of reach"
  • Provide support that promotes personal development, character building, and leadership.
  • Provide support that encourages parental and family involvement. 
  • Serve individuals, community organizations, schools, & families throughout South Florida