Learn the Skills, Achieve Your Goals 

Program Summary:

Learn the Skills, Achieve your Goals is a workplace skills development workshop series designed to help improve in-demand employability and soft skills in individuals entering, re-entering, and changing careers. Over the term, participants engage in “learning labs” that improve communication, critical thinking and problem solving, customer service, and leadership qualities. As a result, participants sustain consistent, meaningful employment regardless of their job duties. Sessions are held in-person or virtually and can be personalized to meet participants' needs. 

The Hard Facts about Soft Skills:

When choosing between two seemingly equal candidates, organizations are now prioritizing

“soft skills” as the key differentiator. LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report,

  • 92% of HR professionals reported that soft skills are equally or more important to hire for than hard skills.
  • 89% said that when a new hire doesn’t work out, it’s because they lack critical soft skills.
  • A combination of skills such as people skills, social skills, and communication skills, enable employees to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well and achieve their goals. 

Workshop Topics:

The Power of Good Communication

Hiring managers consistently rank good communication as one of the most important skills for employees to have. This is because communication is at the core of every business. Being able to get information across clearly makes work more efficient, understandable, and less frustrating.

The Customer Service Workout

There is hardly a job that doesn’t demand a certain level of customer service. Any time you must engage a customer and properly represent the organization, you are exercising customer service skills.

Critical Thinking to Effectively Solve Problems

Critical thinking provides the tools to make better decisions and help predict the effects and consequences of those decisions.

Why Leadership Skills Are Important

A leader is more than someone who has followers. Whether you're starting out in an entry-level position and looking to move up the career ladder, your leadership skills will be among your most valuable assets.