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When women are not well represented in STEM fields, everyone misses out on the novel solutions that diverse participation brings. The great demand for workers in the engineering and computing workforce is just one important reason to attract more women to these fields” (American Association University Women, 2013).

Girls Represent!​is an outreach programs designed to increase awareness and access of minority girls underrepresented in STEM. The programs focus on real-world applications and experiences that change unenthusiastic attitudes toward the sciences, and encourage girls to pursue STEM related fields. 

Goals of the Program:  

  • increase awareness and access to minorities and women  in STEM.
  • encourage a “can do” attitude toward academic success.
  • improve 21st Century skills: critical thinking,  problem solving, creativity, & leadership 
  • encourage character building &  cooperative learning


Game Changers YAC
With support of the Community Foundation of Broward's Youth WORK Grant and the  Broward Sheriff Office's LETF Grant, TDP expanded  the Game Changers Youth Advisory Council: a  employment & development program for teens and young adults.  

The Game Changers YAC equips teens and young adults with the necessary tools to be Game Changers in industry & community

  • Youth gain valuable knowledge, skills, & a sense of community that inspires them to be productive leaders in society.
  • Youth gain 21st century skills including employable & soft skills: teamwork cooperation, problem solving, organization, communication, and physical and mental health.


Teen Summit 

​Annually, TDP host an all-inclusive teen summit that highlights: STEM, health & nutrition, personal development, life skills & professional development. ​Over the years, the summit has  provided over 350 youth with an exceptional experience that inspires them to cultivate and take ownership of their lives to make positive change!

Super Science Explorers  (SSE)

When it comes to science and math, students in K-12 tend to lose interest at an early age. SSE are outreach programs (classroom workshops) and camps filled with fun, hands-on, two-way engagements that are tailored to reinforce STEM standards, based on the need of the your organization.

*1-2 Hour STEM Workshops/Series are held at community libraries, schools, and hosted by city & county after school programs, recreational centers, and a variety of community organizations.

Goals of the Program:

  • provide hands-on, fun STEM related experiences
  • increase awareness of the role of science in everyday life.
  • raise awareness and stimulate enthusiasm about STEM subjects & careers
  • encourage a positive “can do” attitude  academic excellence
  • improve 21st Century skills: critical thinking,  problem solving, creativity, & leadership 
  • encourage character building &  cooperative learning